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11 August 2017
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11.08.2017President Ilham Aliyev received chairman of State Border Committee of Belarus
11.08.2017President Ilham Aliyev attended opening of new roads in Sovetski area
11.08.2017 Official visit of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow to Azerbaijan
11.08.2017Ministry of Emergency Situations appeals to people on beach safety rules
11.08.2017 Conference held as part of joint project of the MES and UNDP
11.08.2017 State Fire Protection Service discusses operation condition regarding fires that happened over the past period of this year and discipline, professional, combat and physical preparedness of the personnel
11.08.2017 "Organizing joint activity in ensuring safety in water basins"
11.08.2017 Reporting-election conference held at Trade Union Committee of the Employees of MES Caspian Basin Accident Rescue Service
11.08.2017 Detailed information given about rules of behavior in case of emergency situations
11.08.2017 State Fire Control Service and Baku Regional Center hold awareness-raising event
11.08.2017 MES State Fire Protection Service holds fire-tactical exercise at SOCAR Oil Pipelines Department
11.08.2017 Special tactical exercise
11.08.2017 First aid in case of sunstroke
11.08.2017 Do not forget danger on board the boat
11.08.2017The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns:
Carbon monoxide hazard
11.08.2017"112"/"101" Hotline can be called in the below-mentioned cases:
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