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14 April 2017
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14.04.2017President Ilham Aliyev received head of Kyiv City State Administration
14.04.2017President Ilham Aliyev received delegation led by former Turkish President Abdullah Gul
14.04.2017 President Ilham Aliyev chairs meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the outcomes of the first quarter of the year and upcoming tasks
14.04.2017President Ilham Aliyev received delegation led by Secretary of Russian Security Council
14.04.2017 Belarus MES delegation met with the Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations
14.04.2017 Humanitarian aid sent to Djibouti under the instructions of Azerbaijani President
14.04.2017 Meeting with senior officials of St. Petersburg University of Russian Federation MES Fire Protection Service held at MES Academy
14.04.2017 Event held as part of the joint project of MES and UNDP
14.04.2017 Event on the occasion of "Builders Day" at MES State Agency for Control over Construction Safety
14.04.2017 Scientific-practical workshop on the theme "Traffic jam and illegal parking: existing situation, problems and ways of their solution"
14.04.2017 Special tactical training held as part of preparations for Baku-2017 the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games
14.04.2017 Fire safety rules explained during event on raising awareness on fire safety
14.04.2017 Knowledge on labor protection and safety conditions, fire safety rules must be checked regularly
14.04.2017 Search-and-rescue staff reports
14.04.2017 Awareness-raising acrivities being continued
14.04.2017 SPORT
Minifootball championship
14.04.2017 Employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations wins
14.04.2017 Issues on organizing mutual activity discussed
14.04.2017The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns:
Carbon monoxide hazard
14.04.2017"112"/"101" Hotline can be called in the below-mentioned cases:
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