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17 March 2017
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17.03.2017President Ilham Aliyev attends opening of 5th Global Baku Forum
17.03.2017 Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyevs official visit to France
17.03.2017Minister of Emergency Situations KemaleddinHeydarov meets with the delegation led by Irans Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mahmoud Vaezi
17.03.2017 Azerbaijans Minister of Emergency Situations KemaleddinHeydarov to receive citizens in Aghdash town
17.03.2017 Discussions held on organizing mutual activity in rescue and other urgent operations when eliminating consequences of emergency situations
17.03.2017 Modern 20-30-storey buildings will be constructed in place of Khrushovka-type buildings in Baku
17.03.2017 Ministry of Emergency Situations addresses people on fire safety during Nowruz festivities
17.03.2017 Fire safety rules must be strictly observed in Nowruz festivities
17.03.2017 A range of events will be held on the occasion of Nowruz holiday
17.03.2017 Organizing and strengthening mutual activity discussed during conference
17.03.2017 Search-and-rescue staff reports
17.03.2017 Activity of rear area is of great importance in extinguishing fire, as well as search-and-rescue operations
17.03.2017 Awareness-raising activities being continued
17.03.2017 Athlete of the Ministry of Emergency Situations becomes champion
17.03.2017 Fire safety at childrens homes and boarding schools
17.03.2017The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns:
Carbon monoxide hazard
17.03.2017"112"/"101" Hotline can be called in the below-mentioned cases:
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